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Unlockr, a small tool for Widgetlocker, a 1×1 unlocking app.

Must be placed on the lockscreen

Only Works with WIDGETLOCKER!!!


Got it, at least a first working release, more to come, for both, free and premium, a few things can be seen in the TODO post.

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Remoter – TODO

Premium: Info, Seperate icons for all three Repeat modes,seperate Play and pause, One shot random(one random track).

Both: Options menu, Automatic start of musicplayer if not running(selectable for previous and next track).

What is Remoter?

Its a small tool to controll your Stock Android Music App, there are several functions, like Play, Pause, Prev and next song, the premium release will contain Shuffle and repeat conrols too. IMPORTANT! IT WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE STOCK MUSIC PLAYER!

How do I use it?

You place the remoter function you want to use on one of your home screens, place in the dock of your favorite launcher(i.e. Launcher Pro), use it in Widgetlockers Custom Sliders, launch it via long home press with cyanogenmod. In other words you can launch it from every spot you can launch an app.

I started the apps but nothing happens it only vibrates!

Thats „all“ it does, there is no fancy UI, if the Media player is running it will do the desired task and vibrate. if the Media Player is not running it will do nothing, just vibrate(maybe ill change it so it only vibrates if somehing was done), this will be changed in future releases.

What if I have any other question?

Just leave a comment! And I will try to do my best to help you, and please be so kind and dont just do comments like „app Force Close“ thats not very helpful!

Published the free version of Remoter 10 minutes ago, get it while its hot 😉

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